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Feed and Food Processing

The world population has now almost reached the 8 billion mark and it will continue to grow. It is becoming an ever greater challenge to supply all people and also animals with nutritious products. Numerous products are ground both in the food and beverage sector and in the production of animal feed.

Impact classifier mills (ICM) are used in the production of cocoa powder. There, NEUMAN & ESSER works exclusively with Royal Duyvis Wiener. Cocoa press cake produced on presses is ground thereon into stabilized, crystallized and free-flowing powder with a fineness of 99.5% < 75 µm. The ICM grinding system can process low-fat (10-12%) and high-fat cakes (22-24%). A quick cleaning process for product change is easy to implement thanks to the 180° opening mechanism of the mill. Sugar and sugar replacers also require grinding of many products, such as caster sugar, powder sugar, or icing sugar, when the sugar needs to be dissolved in the final product or is used as sweetening agent.

Numerous ICM systems are in use in the feed grinding sector, including the processing of fish feed, animal feed and vegetable proteins. For the grinding of fish feed, NEA Process Technology has an exclusive partnership with Tietjen Verfahrenstechnik. About 25% of the harvests remain unused on the ground or, in some cases, are used as natural fertilizer. Legumes such as peas and beans in different variations can also be used as a source of protein for modern vegan foods. Protein content can be increased if the feedstock is ground and then classified.


The following requirements must be met when grinding feed and food:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Particle size of 20 - 200 µm (d97)
  • Good accessibility for maintenance and cleaning
  • Pressure shock resistance
  • ATEX Compliance

Grinding with the ICM and ICX from NEUMAN & ESSER

To add value to a product, NEUMAN & ESSER Process Technology offers the Impact Classifier Mill (ICM) and the Impact Classifier Mill eXtra (ICX). These systems deliver superior grinding and classifying results and are optimally adapted to changing requirements. Thus, these grinding systems have already proven themselves many times in the growing feed and food market. The ICX significantly reduces manufacturing costs for products with finenesses in the range of d97=20 - 200 µm. At the same time, both grinding systems enable high throughput rates with high energy efficiency.

The 180° opening mechanism of the ICX system provides perfect access, allowing easy cleaning and maintenance. The entire system is pressure shock resistant and ATEX compliant to protect the operator and the environment. The different sizes of the systems offer the user all possibilities from laboratory to full production scale.

Fine classification with the GRC from NEUMAN & ESSER

The guide ring classifier (GRC) from NEUMAN & ESSER Process Technology also significantly increases the quality of products. It delivers superior classifying results and is optimally adapted to changing requirements. The GRC delivers high yields with low energy requirements, thus significantly increasing added value. At the same time, the GRC enables high throughput rates. The guide ring classifier also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. Pressure resistance and ATEX compliance protect operators and the environment. The GRC system is also available in different sizes for both laboratory and production scale application.