COMPRESSOR DAY: postponed to october 8

Due to the spread of the corona virus, numerous companies have introduced internal guidelines that keep the visiting and travel behavior of employees to a minimum. As a result, the first cancellations of speakers and participants are currently reaching us of the COMPRESSOR DAY 2020, so that we will postpone our event to October 8, 2020. We are pleased to be able to retain the entire program for this day, too. 

With this step we simultaneously counteract the uncertainty among the participants who are currently dealing with a possible cancellation. Accordingly, the AGENTS 'DAY will be postponed to October 9, 2020.

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In the February issue of the specialist magazine "FARBE UND LACK" the article "Dosing and Dispersing" by NEA Process Technology employees Marc Giersemehl, Christian Begass and Fabian Mertens has now been published. In their technical article, the powder coating experts present the dosing and dispersing system of the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP, NEAddiX. You can find the technical article here on the website and on the powder coating microsite   


New Service: The Digital Test Bench

The NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP offers an additional feature to its clients. With the digital test bench it is possible to accompany the test runs of the NEA machines from remote. For the video stream, both stationary and a portable 3D camera record the test runs. This service helps customers to minimize travel time and reduce CO2 emissions.

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Now you can find the new NEUMAN & ESSER blog on our website. A new article appears here every two weeks, which brings you closer to the contents of the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP.

In the latest blog post Jens Wulff, Managing Director Operations at NEUMAN & ESSER, focusses on "Storing hydrogen". Enjoy!



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