Grinding and Classifying Systems

NEUMAN & ESSER Process Technology has a good century’s experience in mechanical process technology. The know-how and constant dialog with customers form the basis for the high level of performance and quality. Today, the portfolio inludes pendulum roller mills, impact classifier mills as well as separators and air classifiers for coarse and finest classification.

Impact Classifier Mill ICM: Fine and finest grinding

The impact classifier mill ICM serves for fine and finest grinding of brittle materials. This impact mill is available in various design sizes. It combines efficient impact grinding with high-precision classification in a single assembly. The advantages of the ICM classifier mill are the generation of narrow particle size distribution, the proven direct drive concept, its robust housing design as well as easy operation and cleaning.

Pendulum Mill PM: Fine Grinding and Grinding and Drying

The pendulum mill PM is a roller mill, which is based on the Raymond mill. This horizontal mill is available in various sizes and is suitable for fine grinding and grinding and drying. The pendulum mill with a direct drive neither has gears nor coupling or any replacements for these components. The classifier head and mill housing quick opening mechanisms considerably reduce downtimes.

Air Classifiers: New Benchmarks in Classifier Technology

NEUMAN & ESSER has developed, built and supplied air classifiers for almost a century. NEUMAN & ESSER classifiers have always excelled with their high efficiency. Based on several decades of experience in classifier design, the latest, most efficient NEA classifier technology generation considerably shifts the traditional benchmarks related to sharpness of seperation, yield and energy efficiency. Therefore, unexpected advantages are generated for the customers, which are expressed in qualitatively higher value products, an increased production quantity and reduced costs.

Process Service and Revamping

NEA Process Technology’s After Sales Service includes maintenance and repairs, wear parts and spare parts. Moreover, NEUMAN & ESSER offers individual solutions for the modernization and refurbishment of existing grinding systems. Better grinding output and energy savings are achieved by revamping grinding systems, also mills from other manufacturers.

Customer Focus on Mill and System Design

NEUMAN & ESSER Process Technology supplies customers from a wide range of industries, for example the ceramics, pigment, processing and fertilizer industries. Several mills and classifying systems are also used for manufacturing candy, chemicals and powder coating. NEA carries out production trials with the customer’s material at its generously dimensioned Test Center in order to enable safe mill and system design and scale-up for the planned production systems.

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