NEA Grinding and Classifying Systems 

Mills and Grinding Systems


Mills are the core component of all grinding systems. Crushing and, where applicable, deagglomeration of the feed material takes place in the mill. NEUMAN & ESSER offers various milling principles such as pressure, attrition and impact crushing and provides efficient solutions for a very wide range of grinding tasks. NEUMAN & ESSER Process Technology provides pendulum roller mills, impact classifier mills and hammer mills.

Air Flow Mills

NEUMAN & ESSER mills work in an air or gas flow. In addition to just grinding, these systems are also appropriate for grinding drying. They can also be operated combined with integrated or downstream classifiers.

Robust and Insensitive

The fields of pulverization and grinding drying belong to the strengths of the NEA mills. The grinding systems excel with extremely high energy efficiency, operability, service life and maintainability.

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