Filling of technical gases

Industrial gases are produced on a large industrial scale via air separation plants (Linde process), pressure swing adsorption (PSA), molecular sieves or electrolysis. 

Air separation plants operate according to the Joule-Thomson effect in combination with adiabatic cooling of the air. It is a distillation/rectification at low temperatures. Air is a gas mixture consisting mainly of nitrogen (78 %), oxygen (21 %) and argon (0,9 %). The remaining 0.1 % consists mainly of carbon dioxide and the noble gases neon, helium, krypton and xenon.  

The gases produced in this way are filled by compressors into transport pipelines (directly to a major consumer) or into transport containers. These are commercial gas cylinders, truck trailers or gas cylinder batteries. Whereas in the past the filling pressure was 200 bar, today more and more gas containers with a filling pressure of 300 bar and more are used. 

Medium: Nitrogen (N2), Hydrogen (H2), Oxygen (O2)
Discharge pressure: 150 – 350 bar
Power: 45 – 160 kW
huge diaphragm compressors
450-980 mm Diameter


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