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eXtra Fine and eXtra-high Throughput 

Trendsetting ICX


Soot – or carbon black as industrial soot is called – is virtually pure carbon. Its industrial use in tires, rubber and plastic products, paints and coatings poses high requirements of its properties such as its specific surface, particle size and distribution, conductivity and color.

Measured on the basis of the quantities manufactured, carbon black is one of the most important pigments in the chemicals industry worldwide. Current global production is some 14 million tons with a strong growth trend. Moreover, the efficient grinding of carbon black is significantly gaining in importance due to the recycling of old tires because the manufacturing of industrial soot is very resource and energy intense.

NEUMAN & ESSER Mahl- und Sichtsysteme has brought a new, impressive solution for a highly sophisticated grinding onto the market: the impact classifier mill ICX. It is particularly interesting for fine or impact resistant products.

The ICX achieves a throughput of up to 20,000 kg per hour with a max. particle size of 5 to 50 μm. It works extremely economically by intelligently connecting extra-high grinding intensity with efficient classification. “In part, we have been able to halve energy requirements here”, as Marc Giersemehl explains further.

That naturally also convinces the customers. NEA Mahl- und Sichtsysteme has already delivered several ICX mills. In the meantime, an ICX 630 has been installed at the NEA Test Center and is available there for grinding tests.

Further areas of application for the ICX include pigments such as iron oxide, titanium dioxide or ultramarine, and foodstuffs such as sugar, nut and leguminous plant shells. Also materials that are difficult to grind like waxes or E-PVC belong to the additional fields of implementation.