Robust Hammer Mill

The hammer mill, also known as the Pulverizer, works according to the principle of impact grinding. Its core consists of a rotor with wear resistant impact hammers and external housing for the roller bearing. The NEA hammer mill HM is highly suitable for grinding soft to medium-hard materials such as minerals, hydrated lime, bauxite and plaster.

Hammer Mill: Suitable for Continuous Operation

A rotary airlock feeds the raw material to the hammer mill. A controller adjusts the air lock speed and the mass flow of the entering raw material. The material is ground between the rotating beaters and the housing.

A fan generates a constant flow of air or hot gas and transports the ground product out of the mill housing into an air separator. There, a dust separator removes the finished product from the air flow. A classifier can be integrated optionally. 

Uniquely Low Maintenance - Hammer Mill

The option available coarse reject chute which allows for continuous removal hard to grind product components, is unique to the NEA hammer mill. This allows for unmatched low maintenance requirements and extremly high durability, even for complex applications. 


  • Grinding, de-agglomeration, flash drying and classification of several materials in a single aggregate
  • Particle size topcut : 50 μm – 2.000 μm
  • Throughput: 0,1 t/h – 50 t/h
  • Mill power: 15 kW – 315 kW
  • Air quantity: 2.000 m³/h – 60.000 m³/h
  • Feed material particle size: 0 – 25 mm
  • Feed material moisture: 0 – 35 %
  • Rotor diameter: 500 mm – 2.000 mm


  • Extremely robust and durable
  • Unique discharge for abrasive impurities guarantees a long working life for the wearing parts
  • Outer rotor bearings enable high inlet air temperatures
  • Simple operation
  • Precise upper particle size restriction in combination with a NEA classifier


  • Clay and ceramics: bentonite and bauxite
  • Gypsum: synthetic gypsum, raw natural gypsum, calcined gypsum
  • Technical limestone cycle: CaO – limestone, Ca(OH)2 – hydrated lime

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