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NEA Flex Labyrinth

One important argument in favor of reciprocating compressors is that they can be well controlled, for example their output or volume flow. The high imperviousness of the working spaces as opposed to rotating machinery denotes a further important feature of reciprocating compressors. This allows the economical high pressure compression of gases.
Applications also exist in favor of a sealing system which is not based on contacting sealing elements. Examples of this include

  • Gases with abrasively effective particles
  • Gases with a tendency to polymerize
  • Flammable gases

Flexible Alternative to Conventional Labyrinth Systems

NEUMAN & ESSER introduced the flexible labyrinth system “NEA Flex Labyrinth” to the market for these applications. NEA Flex Labyrinth is an effective alternative to the conventional, touch-free labyrinth systems, which NEA has improved and optimized.

The decisive point in these improvements is the piston and piston rod guidance. The compressor experts in the Research and Development department at NEA have replaced the rod guidance originally used. Now, a combination of piston guide rings and slide bearings at the lower end of the piston rod guarantees the best possible rod guidance.

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