LNG Compressors


Within the LNG process chain, NEUMAN & ESSER provides the right solutions for offshore as well as onshore use. NEA LNG BOG compressors, send-out compressors and fuelgas compressors achieve exceptional high efficiency.

NEUMAN & ESSER LNG compressors cover the major applications for handling LNG as well as for offshore and onshore plants within the LNG chain. In order to maintain the critical conditions within LNG tanks, non-lube NEA LNG BOG compressors are used to manage reliable and efficient boil-off of the liquid gas. Whereas send-out compressors constantly boost vaporized natural gas for all pipeline networks. NEA’s third product in this field, the LNG fuelgas compressor, delivers the suction pressure for injecting LNG boil-off for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines or gas turbines.

LNG BOG Compressor

  • BOG comes directly from any LNG tank
  • Inlet pressure 1.02 - 1.3 bar(a) (= BOG pressure)
  • Outlet pressure up to 11 bar(a)
  • Inlet temperature range: -160° to -90°C

Send-out Compressor

  • Sending-out vaporized LNG to pipelines, onshore, etc.
  • Outlet pressure range: approx. 20 to 110 bar(a)
  • Optional: inlet pressure = BOG pressure
  • Inlet temperature range: 20° to 40°C

LNG Fuelgas Compressor

  • Compressing BOG for injection into propulsion engine cylinders 
  • 2-stroke engine: up to approx. 300 bar(a)
  • 4-stroke engine: up to approx. 8 bar(a)
  • Inlet temperature range: approx. -162° to -90°C

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