Compressor Combinations

NEUMAN & ESSER offers a comprehensive selection of high-pressure compressors, like Seismic Air Power System. NEUMAN & ESSER reciprocating compressors as well as HOFER brand reciprocating compressors and diaphragm compressors. Normally, the best possible compressor solution for the customer’s corresponding task can be found from this wide range of compressors. However, it may make sense to connect different compressor types for especially demanding requirements.

Screw Compressor and Piston Compressor Combination

The NEA Seismic Air Power System (NEA SAPS) has been in the company’s program since 2006. NEUMAN & ESSER developed it for seismic offshore searching for oil reserves on the seabed. The NEA SAPS consists of a screw compressor and a V type reciprocating compressor. The screw compressor compresses the air from atmospheric pressure to approx. 15 bar. The reciprocating compressor then compresses the air to the desired delivery pressure.

Small, Light and Vibration-free

Compared to a solution with only one reciprocating compressor, the NEA SAPS System is considerably smaller and lighter and does not transfer any vibrations to the ship. Moreover, this system requires fewer wear parts such as suction and discharge valves or piston and guidance rings, reducing maintenance work to a minimum.

Enhanced Oil Recovery with Screw Compressors and Piston Compressors

NEA has also applied this SAPS compressor solution for further projects, for example an Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) gas transport system. Low first stage suction pressure would have required very large cylinders with a high piston weight for a several-stage reciprocating compressor.

Efficient and Compact EOR Gas Transport System

Therefore, NEA proposed a solution based on the Seismic Air Power System. The screw compressor in the first stage of the CO2 compression makes the large cylinder in the first stage redundant. This combination of a screw compressor and reciprocating compressor only requires one common drive. Therefore, the compressor unit becomes more compact and efficient, enabling more economical operation alongside minimal servicing expenditure.

NEA Hybrid Compressors

Engines which combine two compression principles are described as hybrid compressors. The NEA hybrid compressors combine the undisputed advantages of reciprocating compressors and diaphragm compressors cleverly. They then utilize their special strengths when extremely high pressure of 1,500 bar and more is required without oil lubrication.

Top Performance with Zero Emission

The NEA hybrid is the response to technically highly demanding oil-free compression under high pressure conditions. With this, a maximum rod load of 1,700 kN is possible. The output of up to 30 MW generates pressure of up to 5,000 bar.

Overview of the Advantages:

  • Absolutely gasproof, leak-free solution
  • Highly pure oil-free gases
  • High-performance piston stages for higher volumes at low pressure
  • Efficient diaphragm stages at high pressure.
  • Cost-saving combination
  • Fewer stages
  • Lower space requirements

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