NEUMAN & ESSER USA Inc. was founded in 1992 in Houston, Texas, with five employees to serve the North American, Central American and Caribbean markets. Back then and also today, the company’s task was/is the sales and engineering of compressor systems. A sister company, NEAC Compressor Service USA Inc., was founded a short time later in Franklin, Pennsylvania, USA, which assumed responsibility for aftermarket activities: spare parts and repairs, commissioning, assembly, online monitoring, surface coating, technical consultation and diagnoses. The concept behind it was to combine a compressor “Made in Germany” with equipment, engineering and aftermarket “Made in the USA”, which proved to be highly successful.

In 2008, NEA USA Inc. and NEAC Compressor Service USA Inc. moved to common new premises in Katy, Texas. The new location consists of a two-story 16,000 sq. ft. (1,500 m2) office building, accommodating sales, engineering, CAD, purchasing, servicing and spare parts, a training center and the administration of both companies. The annexed 20,000 sq. ft. (1,800 m2) workshop provides adequate space for wear and spare parts and compressor repairs.

Today, some 100 employees work for the NEA GROUP USA. The companies NEUMAN & ESSER USA, NEAC Compressor Service USA, NEUMAN & ESSER Grinding and Classifying USA and STASSKOL, Inc. operate from Katy, Texas, whereby STASSKOL has its own location. NEUMAN & ESSER Process Technology USA’s task is the development, construction, project engineering and sales of grinding, classifying and grinding-drying systems.

In July 2020 NEA acquired NORWALK Compressor Company, based in Stratford, Connecticut, USA with all of its manufacturing assets, products, trademarks and the workforce. NORWALK Compressor Company, founded in 1864, has been under family ownership since 1985. It has a long history as a compressor manufacturer with its well-known “Century”, “Slimline” and “Charger” series for Helium, H2, inert and explosive gas services within the industrial gases and chemicals industries. It has also left its mark in niche applications such as acetylene, HCl and NOx compression.



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