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NEAC Compressor Service is a competent partner for the organization of seminars and training on the topic of reciprocating compressors from NEUMAN & ESSER and further manufacturers as well as HOFER diaphragm compressors. The training is designed for customers who wish to gain further knowledge of the function and operating mode of their compressors, theoretically and practically. To this end, NEAC Compressor Service offers modular training concepts with customer-specific or project-specific topics:

“Maintenance and Servicing Reciprocating Compressors" incorporates information about the function and operation of reciprocating compressors and their accessory parts

“Maintenance and Servicing HOFER Diaphragm Compressors" informs about the function and operation of diaphragm compressors and their accessory parts

“Project-orientated, Theoretical Training-Program" additionally imparts all the important details regarding the customer’s system, based on the operating manual

“Project-orientated, Theoretical and Practical Training Program" also offers practical details using training compressors

After the seminars and training, the participants are able to carry out basic maintenance work properly. Furthermore, the seminar attendees are familiarized with the piston or diaphragm compressor’s behavior in order to be able handle basic troubleshooting and operate the compressor efficiently.









The next NEACademy dates for the 3-day theoretical and practical seminar “Maintenance and Servicing NEA Reciprocating Compressors":

  • 3-day seminar online: June 29 - Juli 1, 2021
  • 3-day seminar presence: November 16 - 18, 2021 --> New date! The seminar will take place on 07 - 09 December 2021

If you are interested in participating in our seminar, please complete the registration form NEA Piston / HOFER Diaphragm with the desired date and return it to

Further information:
Flyer about the seminar "Maintenance and Servicing Piston Compressors"

Flyer about the seminar "Maintenance and Servicing Diapragm Compressors"

If you would like an individual training program, we are also perfectly prepared to help.
Please send us your inquiry by E-mail to or by fax to +49 2451481300.

The next NEACademy dates for the 2-day theoretical and practical seminar “Maintenance and Servicing HOFER Diaphragm Compressors":

  • 2-day seminar presence: November 3 - 4, 2021 --> not applicable! 



In WEBINAR by NEAC, René Anke trains the participants, with different focal points, e.g. in the areas of foundation repair, vibration analysis or maintenance and servicing. When selecting the topics of the webinars, we also like to respond to the suggestions and wishes of our customers. Feel free to send your suggestions for topics to



The next WEBINAR by NEAC will take place on March 23.

Register here.

Training On The Road

In addition to seminars and training, NEAC Compressor Service also offers training on the road. This is a one-day training with four specialist presentations, very close to your location. The topics include, for example, “General overhaul of a compressor”.

TRAINING on The Road in 2020:

  • No dates due to the current situation

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