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2D and 3D Laser Measurement 


Fast, high-precision, contactless: 2D and 3D laser measurement has asserted itself during the past few years because it provides several considerable advantages. Therefore, NEAC Compressor Service applies this precise method if possible, for example for checking the erection of the compressor.

Diagnostic services at the compressor on-site

However, also the alignment, form and position of the driving mechanisms such as the main bearing and crosshead guide or the cylinders can be perfected by applying 2D and 3D laser measurement. In detail, NEAC Compressor Service uses 2D and 3D laser techniques for

1. Checking the compressor parts as well as form and position tolerances (e.g. prior to approval after processing a frame or cylinder)

2. Determination of the frame position (e.g. subsequent to re-installation of the frame following the repair of a foundation)

3. Precise alignment and checking of the form and position of compressor parts in series or adjacent to each other (e.g. several-stage compressors with two crankcases and a motor positioned between the frames. Here, all motor and frame axles must be precisely coordinated or aligned)

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