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Compressor Service 

Technical Service

NEAC Compressor Service employs a strong global team of engineers and technicians. All the technicians are trained in accordance with high standards to meet expert and technical requirements. Moreover, they meet the high worldwide work protection standards in accordance with OHSAS 18001.

NEAC’s technical service works out modular solutions for all customer needs. In addition to flexibility, NEAC also focuses on high productivity of the compressor systems after carrying out servicing as well as on preventive measures for guaranteeing disturbance-free operation. NEAC implements inspections, revisions and repairs in accordance with high quality features. The repairs in case of unplanned downtimes are handled within the shortest of time in single or multiple shifts. For repairing compressor components, NEAC also makes use of the NEA or HOFER machine plant as needed. The development of preventive measures guarantees reliable operation and, with it, undisturbed production.

Compressor Service: maintenance and troubleshooting

The NEAC service offer is attuned to the respective customer’s needs, for example with regard to maintenance programs. Customers desire servicing intervals which are as long as possible and, between them, guaranteed disturbance-free operation. In order to meet these wishes, NEAC uses mobile measurement systems to assess the compressors’ statuses.

Different reasons can cause problems and failure. NEAC Compressor Service performs troubleshooting and the rectification of faults, corrective repair work and repairs fast, reliably and expertly worldwide within a few days.

Wear Protection Via Preventive Maintenance

One of the services provided by NEAC Compressor Service is preventive maintenance. This hinders that machine downtimes arise. Replace components before they fail! Fixed, plannable maintenance intervals enable customers to avoid wear, subsequent damages and unnecessary downtimes. Moreover, they extend the compressors’ working lives. With improved availability and efficiency, the overall economy of production is increased. This monitoring provides information regarding the optimum time for maintenance, saves costs and avoids downtimes. Moreover, tailor-made solutions for Condition Management and Condition Monitoring from NEA X are excellent tools for wear protection.


Compressor Diagnosis

Checking the Thermodynamic and Mechanical Compressor System Status

  • Comparison of the measurement values recorded at the compressor with reference values.
  • Calculation of the supply quantity from the pressure and temperature values for the operating conditions measured.
  • Determination of the theoretical power consumption and comparison with the actual measurement values
  • Calculated verification of the stability of the individual components based on all the measurement values recorded and the stress derived from it
  • Calculation of the bearing load and comparison of operating data and design (e.g. in case of bearing damages)
  • Simulation of the various statuses in order to determine variances between actual and theoretical process data (pressures and temperatures)

Extended Service Offer: Telemetric Data Measurement Recording

  • Measurement data recording on rotating or moving components or wireless transfer of the measurement values
  • Measurement of the mechanical load of components (e.g. the piston rod) using strain gauges
  • Vibration measurements of the operative dynamics (e.g. of flywheels)
  • Measurement of relative movement of components during operation (e.g. coupling flanges; dynamic loading of couplings)

Initially, the NEAC technicians inform themselves regarding the operational sequence as well as acute problems and anomalies for compressor diagnosis. Following this, they establish the status of the respective compressor and carry out on-site measurements under various operating conditions. After examination and analysis of the results, NEAC Compressor Service makes a diagnosis and discusses repair proposals with the customer.

Compressor Diagnosis Services

  • Recording the dynamic cylinder pressures (pressure via time and crank setting) as well as the temperatures for all cylinder stages under various compressor system operating conditions.
  • Recording gas pulsations in the containers and pipelines.
  • Examination of the vibration level on the compressor and system parts belonging to it.

Compressor Engineering

NEAC Compressor Service supports your customers with engineering methods with the question whether or to what extent an existing compressor system can be adapted to changed production processes. In addition to thermodynamic calculation, if applicable, the stability-related post-calculation of critical system components also belongs to the standard procedures.

Here, the NEAC engineers use computer programs which have been developed by the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP Research and Development Department and are applied daily for designing new compressor systems.

NEAC Compressor Service offers the following compressor engineering services:

  • Thermodynamic and mechanical compressor calculations using the inhouse NEA simulation software KO³
  • Support when assessing and analyzing damages; RCFA (Root Cause Failure Analysis)
  • Finite Element Model calculations (FEM simulation)
  • Vibration measurement, vibration analysis and assessment
  • Performance and approval tests for compressor systems

2D and 3D Laser Measurement

Fast, high-precision, contactless: 2D and 3D laser measurement has asserted itself during the past few years because it provides several considerable advantages. Therefore, NEAC Compressor Service applies this precise method if possible, for example for checking the erection of the compressor.

In detail, NEAC uses 2D and 3D laser techniques for:

  • Checking the compressor parts as well as form and position tolerances (e.g. prior to approval after processing a frame or cylinder)
  • Determination of the frame position (e.g. subsequent to reinstallation of the frame following the repair of a foundation)
  • Precise alignment and checking of the form and position of compressor parts in series or adjacent to each other

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