Compressor Service 

Technical Service

NEAC Compressor Service employs a strong global team of engineers and technicians. All the technicians are trained to meet demanding expertise and technical requirements standards. Moreover, they meet the high worldwide work protection standards in accordance with OHSAS 18001.

NEAC’s technical service is always geared to its customers’ needs!
NEAC works out modular solutions for all customers. In addition to this flexibility, NEAC focuses on high productivity of the compressor systems after carrying out servicing as well as on preventive measures for guaranteeing disturbance-free operation.

NEAC implements all inspections, revisions and repairs in accordance with high quality features. The repairs in case of unplanned downtimes are handled within the shortest of time in single or multiple shifts. For repairing compressor components, NEAC also makes use of the NEA machine factory as needed. Furthermore, the company develops preventive measures to guarantee reliable operation and, with it, undisturbed production.



Laser Measurement​​​​​​​


Modular Solutions


The service offer is attuned to the respective customer’s needs; for example, with regard to maintenance programs. Customers desire maintenance intervals which are as long as possible and between them guaranteed disturbance-free operation. In order to meet these wishes, NEAC uses mobile measurement systems to review the compressors’ statuses.

Minimize downtimes, produce trouble-free


Various reasons can cause problems and failure. NEAC Compressor Service deals with troubleshooting and the rectification of faults, corrective repair work and repairs fast, reliably and expertly worldwide within a few days.

NEAC offers a wide range of services in order to provide as long as possible and productive working life for the compressors as well as top availability. The comprehensive and meticulous technical support starts with the installation of the compressor system and continues with maintenance and diagnosis, extending up to repairs and modernization. Here, the customers decide which services best match their user profile. NEAC gears itself according to the repair model desired by the customer.

Maintenance Philosophy for Piston Compressors 


Preventive maintenance is one of NEAC’s outstanding services. Preventive maintenance hinders that machine downtimes arise. Replace components before they fail! Fixed, plannable maintenance intervals enable customers to avoid wear and tear, subsequent damages and unnecessary downtimes. Moreover, they extend the compressors’ working lives. With improved availability and efficiency, the overall economy of production is increased. This monitoring provides information regarding the optimum time for maintenance, saves costs and avoids downtimes.

Predictive Measures 

NEAC Compressor Service offers tailor-made solutions for condition management and condition monitoring via NEA X - the experts for digitization projects within the NEA GROUP.

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