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Compressor Service 

Revamping and Modernization

Reciprocating compressors and diaphragm compressors are used over several decades and the compressor requirements can indeed change during the course of time. Corresponding revamping and modernization measures must therefore be aligned with the economic targets. Here, the following criteria are often focused:

  • General performance improvement
  • Improvements to the machine’s efficiency
  • Adaptation to changed process parameters
  • Improvements to the system’s vibration behavior
  • Reduction of resource consumption by transition from lubricated operation to dry running.

Machine Directive and ATEX Directive

Within the scope of applicable EC legislation, the Machine Directive and ATEX Directive 94/9/EC are taken into account accordingly. In case of significant changes within the sense of the Machine Directive, both a risk analysis for the compressor and a manufacturer’s declaration for the use of the reconstructed compressor can be prepared.

Customers appreciate this expertise for reconstruction and modernization projects which, in addition to planning and revamping, primarily consider the implementation of customer-specific requirements. Here, the delivery, performance and downtime guarantees for the overhauled compressors are second to none vis-à-vis new NEUMAN & ESSER and HOFER machines.

Modernization or New Installation

As NEAC only exchanges the parts which are important for the new process in such cases, considerable cost savings can be made when revamping as opposed to making new installations. This is based on a detailed technical study, during which the options of a modernization are precisely checked in advance. Here, NEAC’s expertise is in the technical improvements, which increase the machine’s working life many times over and optimize the service. This includes the installation of threadless piston rods and crossheads, new bearings and alternative piston ring materials.

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