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Wear Part Repair and Service

As an element in OEM service, valves as well as rings and packings contribute both to reducing maintenance expenses and shortening machine down-times and to increasing reliability through qualified revision with optimization of wear parts. NEAC Compressor Service is a qualified service company offering services from a single source. This includes the competent installation of the appropriate spare and wear parts, supported by a network of selected suppliers to perform service. 


Workflow/Documentation of NEAC

Incoming Inspection:

  •  Inspection of disassembled valves with documentation available upon request

Valve Overhaul:

  • Cleaning of components, mechanical refurbishment and parts replacement as necessary
  • If necessary re-engineering of valve parameters as part of revision e.g. re-calculation and if necessary change of springs, valve lift and/or material

Final Inspection and Testing:

  • Leakage test with gas or liquid depending on application with test certificate upon request
  • direkte Befundung der demontierten Ventile, auf Wunsch mit Dokumentation

NEAC valve service offers you an OEM warranty of 6 months on NEAC performed valve revisions and in-depth service know-ho due to high population of NEA and OEM licensed products worldwide.

Rings & Packings

NEAC Procedure/Documentation

Inspection Report

  • Analysis and evaluation of wearing parts after disassembly based on our solid experience, from the development stage through to the application of materials in practice conditions. With documentation provided where required.

Packing Overhaul

  • Cleaning of components and mechanical refurbishment of chamber rings
  • Mounting of new manufactured inner parts after inspection
  • Redesign of the packing rings, where necessary

Final Inspection

  • Visual and dimensional inspection of the packing, and testing the cooling chambers for leaks
  • Test documentation and certificates available where required


  • Professional mounting of the wearing parts on-site Warranty
  • Warranties on wearing parts and servicing available


  • Rapid optimization during compressor inspections by the supporting project engineers
  • Repairs, wearing parts, and service delivered with OEM know-how to reduce maintenance costs

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