Repair Coordination Center

In the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP Repair Coordination Centers (RCC) located worldwide, we overhaul and repair compressor components such as cylinders, valves, piston rod seals, crankshafts, engines and much more on a daily basis. To ensure that the repair and overhaul of cylinders, cylinder liners, valves and crankshafts meets our high quality standards, annual RCC training as well as recertification and new certification are carried out. Regular knowledge exchange between the individual RCCs and joint development of repair standards and repair procedures ensure that the latest repair technologies are applied.


The machinery available in the repair centers is geared to repairs such as cylinder liner replacement, crankshaft machining, engine machining, etc., so that the result meets OEM requirements. All repairs in the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP Repair Coordination Centers are concluded with a thorough inspection by a certified quality inspector. Finally, the overhauled component leaves the factory with a detailed repair report.


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