Compressor Service 

Maintenance and Overhaul

NEAC offers several services to guarantee maximum availability, reliability and efficient work input. Maintenance and inspections ensure optimum and reliable compressor operation. NEAC Compressor Service checks all wearing parts during each maintenance and replaces them as necessary. Moreover, the NEAC service technicians check all relevant functional dimensions and document them in the service report.

The NEAC sales employees and project engineers agree on the work scope jointly with the customer. Depending on the time window available for the work, the technicians work in a single shift or two shifts. The NEAC Compressor Service order processing is already integrated into planning in advance.

Order processing provides the corresponding original spare parts and is responsible for proper repairs in accordance with the original drawings. Therefore, all parts required are available at the point in time of maintenance or overhauling.

Foundation Repair for Compressor Systems

Reciprocating compressors have extremely long service times. Normally, they last longer than all other compressor system components. In particular, the foundations may suffer the following impairments:

  • Non-permissible, dynamic loads – e.g. loosened screw connections
  • Unfavorable environmental conditions – e.g. ice formation, corrosion, an aggressive atmosphere and products – may result in the formation of cracks in the foundation
  • Oil entry into the concrete, above all if cracks which are load-related and caused by the weather conditions exist
  • Damaged anchor bolts which cannot withstand the loads incurred any longer

This causes damage to the foundation. Critical deformation and excessive material strain to the crankcase, on the other hand, result in excessive vibrations of the entire system. In most cases it is then necessary to lift the compressor up from the foundation in order to repair the foundation professionally and properly. Before lifting, NEAC Compressor Service determines the position of the compressor using 3D laser measurement technology 3D laser measurement offers the fastest, most precise and therefore safest means of measurement.

NEAC Compressor Service has its own laser equipment and carries out measurements within the scope of foundation refurbishment and machine overhauls with a precision of up to hundredths of millimeters.

Modular Maintenance Contracts

The customers can piece together a modularly structured maintenance contract from the entire, diverse range of services. It is adapted to the specific needs. Moreover, NEAC Compressor Service offers the setting up of a consignment warehouse.

Here, NEAC provides a matching spare parts range, either in the NEAC warehouse or also at the customer’s on-site. A consignment warehouse avoids long delivery periods and therefore downtimes. Frequently, comprehensive service contracts avoid damages because wear limits are recognized in good time.

The NEAC service contracts offer the following advantages:

  • Reduced downtime due to targeted maintenance
  • Lower spare parts and maintenance costs
  • Avoidance of damages

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