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PPC (Penn Process Compressors)

PENN Process Compressors have over 100 years of history. There are hundreds of PPC compressors still in operation and serve in different gas applications. With the right maintenance strategy, their life cycle can be extended as long as operation requires.

However, one of the main challenges is compressor’s reliability. During its life time, compressors go through various repair phases and modifications. Often, these changes are not recorded. In such cases, bringing compressors into its original condition shifts more into focus.

NEAC Compressor Service USA is Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for PENN Process Compressors (PPC) and its components. Within over 180 years of experience, our mission is to provide expert solutions specific to customer requirements in accordance with OEM specifications and high-quality standards.

Our solutions consider

  • New Spare Parts to the original specifications.
  • Parts design adaptation to the current compressor condition (prior verification required).
  • Compressor parts reconditioning.
  • Onsite compressor maintenance/service during regular overhauls or planned turn around.
  • Remote technical support.
  • Engineering support in case of process conditions change.
  • Parts modification.

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Re-Design of Piston Assembly

We accomplished modification of a 3-piece piston design to a 2-piece piston assembly.

Because of the 3-pcs design, following challenges were faced by our customer:

  • Regular replacement of original solid rider bands required full dismantling of the piston components.
  • Piston Assembly challenges and mistakes due to the complex geometry of piston components.
  • Insufficient tightening procedure of the hex piston nut.
  • Irregular damages of piston rods due to parts wear or mistakes during the assembly.

After implementation of NEA know-how on PPC original design, provided solution has helped to eliminate potential assembly errors, reduced complexity and time during the assembly. See details in the case study.

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