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The company STASSKOL was already founded in 1920. It has belonged to the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP since 2001. What is special about the company is that STASSKOL combines the optimum design with the ideal material in accordance with the customer’s system operating parameters.

The manufacturing of sealing elements for reciprocating compressors was extended with the large range of shaft seals in 2009, which are used in machines with rotating movements, that is to say turbo compressors, ventilators, screw compressors, etc. Almost 90 employees are employed in production at the Staßfurt headquarters as well as the second location in Katy, Texas, USA.

Development Center

However, STASSKOL is not only a production location for sealing elements, but also a development center. The company has a test bench which is unique worldwide, on which the designs and in-house developed and manufactured plastics are put to the acid test under practical conditions of use. Virtually all individual cases can be simulated by the testing equipment. The technical lead, precision in implementation and high working life of the sealing elements, the provision of individual parts and services offered are further reasons why users have trusted STASSKOL for several generations.

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