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NEA Process Technology Test Center

Since 1982, NEUMAN & ESSER Process Technology operates a Test Center with full-scale production equipment. The comprehensive product portfolio can be arranged and used for tests on dosing, milling, particle design, classification, granulation, drying and solids separation. An experienced team performs customer-specific and practice-oriented tests. Scale-up and design of the customized systems are based on these test results. In this way, the ideal configuration and setting for the respective application is determined.

Top-Equipped Test Center

In order to meet the customers’ requirements, a specialized product portfolio consisting of mills, classifiers, filters and further system components is provided. The existing systems and devices at the locations in Germany and Brazil can be configured and applied variably for crushing, classification, air separation or solid particle separation tests, both in cyclones and in filters. Moreover, new developments in all areas guarantee state-of-the-art solutions for all customer requirements.

The comprehensive equipment for testing the most varied materials is even suitable for explosive dust (Dust explosion categories St 1 and St 2):

NEA Process Technology Test Center services:

  • Scale-up tests and calculations
  • Feasibility tests
  • R & D product support
  • R & D academic support
  • Product analysis, for example particle size distribution, humidity, bulk density, grindability indexes

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