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The proven and popular training is either held at NEA’s various locations or directly at the customer’s. Training by NEA Process Technology thematize the grinding systems with jet impact classifier mills as well as classifier systems.

The training contents are geared to the customers’ requirements and needs. Frequent contents include, for example, the configuration and operation of a grinding and classifying system or setting and calibration of the mill, the classifier and the grinding and classifying system. Also, several customers are interested in explosion protection or grinding experiments, cleaning, servicing as well as changing the mill fittings.

Possible training contents:

  • Configuration and operation of a grinding system
  • The impact jet classifier mill / pendulum mill
  • Air separators
  • Explosion protection
  • Operating modes
  • Setting / calibrating the mill and the grinding system
  • Grinding experiments
  • Cleaning the mill (wet / dry)
  • Cyclone classifiers
  • Servicing
  • Exchanging the mill fittings

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