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Spare Parts for grinding systems

Aftermarket Project Management focuses on customer satisfaction

Here, high machine availability and reliability as well as low maintenance costs are the central items. They are achieved by reacting fast. Moreover, they require the best solutions which concentrate on high-quality parts and use highly wear-resistant materials.

Scope of Spare Parts Delivery

The typical spare and wearing parts for a jet impact classifier mill ICM are the classifier and classifier wheel, guide wheel, liner, grinding disc and wear plate, grindstones, mill pins or power pins, equally the wear-resistant pipe or air barrier ring.

The large majority of spare parts for the PM pendulum mill are different. Normally, the customers ask for rotors, crossheads or pendulums as well as the grinding rings, grinding rollers and paddles, the lower or upper mill housing, so-called silentblocs, but also classifiers and classifier wheels or air barrier ring.

The scope of delivery for the spare parts ranges from the individual parts listed to complete components for impact classifier mills, pendulum mills, hammer mills and equally for classifiers. The spare parts for grinding systems include filter tubes and filter cartridges, sequenced locks and rotary feeders, double hatches and additive injectors.

NEA also supplies spare and wearing parts for third-party construction type mills and classifiers.