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After Market

NEA Process Technology has a wide-ranging aftermarket service. It is based on expert knowledge as well as decades of experience in the areas of revision, supply of spare and worn parts as well as the modernization of existing systems from NEA and other manufacturers.

When assessing a grinding system, the focus is on its economic optimization and durability. NEUMAN & ESSER Process Technology works out solutions with the customer to minimize downtimes and repair costs in order to guarantee the best possible operational availability. These include the recording of the full machine status, planning for repairs and the individually agreed service contracts.

Revision or repair by a service technician

Detailed testing of the system components as well as documented performance tests provide information regarding the necessary measures for revision or repair work. When exchanging spare parts, the NEA service technicians remove individual components and test them and, as required, replace them with higher-quality wear materials. A process which is implemented from all international locations using the same competence.

Tailor-Made Process Technology

Grinding systems are used over several decades and the mill requirements can change during the course of time. The reasons for this are improvement of machine efficiency, but also adaption to changed process parameters. As NEA Process Technology only exchanges the components which are crucial for the new process in such cases, considerable cost savings can be made when revamping as opposed to making new installations. Tailor-made process technology, intelligent and innovative.


The NEA grinding and classifying systems aftermarket service incorporates the following areas:

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