Grinding and Classifying Systems 

Resilient, Reliable Filters

All NEA grinding and classifying systems, but also several other technical process systems such as pneumatic conveyor devices, driers and others work with a solids-laden air or gas flow. Filters separate solids from process gas as powders, enabling feeding to further processing.

NEA filters are available for high requirements pertaining to air quantities, dust load and residual dust content and are characterized by a long working life with constant separation quality and low pressure loss. NEUMAN & ESSER also provides solutions for difficult products such as fine and adhesive products which tend to get stuck and are difficult to run off.

NEA Cyclone Cartridge Filter Combines Advantages

The NEA Cyclone Cartridge Filter CF combines the advantages of the cyclone collector with those of a cartridge filter. The cyclone dust collectors in the cyclone form product strands on the housing walling which transport the product directly to the discharge equipment, for example a rotary feeder. This pre-separation in the filter housing reduces the dust load in the air so far that filter cartridges can be used in place of conventional hoses. The advantages of the NEA cyclone cartridge filter such as its compact, round construction form and constant low pressure loss arise from this.


Compact Round Filter for Efficient Dust Separation


As opposed to the hoses, the number of filter cartridges is reduced by two-thirds. Nonetheless, NEA cyclone cartridge filters provide a filtering surface which is twice as large as for conventional bag filters for lasting low differential pressure. Low filter dimensions provide considerable savings in construction height, floor space as well steel constructions required.


  • Separation of dust from process air, combines the advantages of cyclone separators and cartridge filters.
  • Air quantity: 3.000 m³/h – 210.000 m³/h
  • Air temperature: up to 140°C
  • Filtration speed: < 0,75 m/min
  • Capacity: 0,1 t/h – 150 t/h
  • Particle size: 0 μm – 3,000 μm
  • Dust load: up to 1.000 g/m³
  • Cylinder diameter: 1.500 mm – 8.000 mm
  • Operating pressure: up to -200 mbar
  • Pressure shock resistance (PSR): up to 11 bar abs


  • Compact design for installation in tight spaces
  • Constant low pressure loss due to the maximum filter surface
  • Optional: wear protection or PSR 11 design for installation in ATEX conformant systems as well as bayonet coupling for fast tooling times or the simple removal option for the filter elements


  • Chemicals
  • Minerals, lime, plaster
  • Food & candy
  • Fossil fuels
  • Metal powder
  • Pigments and paint

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