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Minerals & Mining


Minerals are an important part of everyday life. On the one hand, the human body needs minerals, which have to be added from outside, as these are not produced by the body itself. On the other hand, minerals are used in various applications in industry.

NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP has been a process specialist for clays, performance minerals and carbon-based minerals since 1930. In addition, there are further fields of application for pigments and chemical products. Depending on the product, the desired fineness and the throughput, the entire product portfolio of NEUMAN & ESSER Process Technology can be used.

For most applications in the field of minerals, the pendulum mill is the center of attention. This is particularly suitable when large throughputs and low energy requirements are needed. In addition, the impact classifier mill and the hammer mill also offer numerous advantages that give them large market shares. While the pendulum mill and the impact classifier mill already have an integrated classifier, existing systems can also be retrofitted with classifiers from the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP.