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Industry Sectors 

Oil and Gas

In the oil and gas industry, there are special requirements as to high temperatures, high pressures, high mechanical strength and chemical resistance. NEUMAN & ESSER has considerable experience in the oil and gas sector and works closely with customers in order to always find the best possible solution for application-specific requirements. NEA has developed well-proved solutions for the oil and gas industry, but always supplies a unique installation to customers, tailor-made for their specific demands.

Research and development as well as many years of expertise matter enormously in the oil and gas industry. Since for the companies the efficiency and security is of elementary importance. Under pressure from governments and environmental organisations, the focus on environmental issues has increased while topics like security and availability are becoming more and more urgent against the background of a rising demand.

With its subsidiary NEAC Compressor Service, NEUMAN & ESSER has also lots of experience with pretentious service. Moreover, NEUMAN & ESSER Process Technology supplies components for applications in the oil and gas sector.

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