Application Area

Mobility & Logistics

The sectors of mobility and logistics are one of the most important action areas for the achievement of climate neutrality via sector coupling. This comprises the direct (BEV) or indirect (FCEV, efuels) electrification of mobility and logistics. NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP’s solution portfolio is employed in all these areas. NEA PSS (Process Solutions) is supporting the production of high-performance batteries with state-of-the-art grinding and classifying technology. Apart from offering Fuel Cell range extenders NEUMAN & ESSER is also active in many other fields of Hydrogen based mobility, from Hydrogen Refueling Stations, Compressors for Synfuel production and even Hydrogen Generation via Electrolysis and small scale SMR for biomethane or bioethanol feedstocks.

Heavy Duty Vehicles

Trucks, Buses but also excavators or mining vehicles have a many times higher energy demand per kilometer than LDVs. NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP uses its ample experience in Hydrogen Trailer filling to design and offer full solutions tailored to the requirements from end users. Such Hydrogen refueling stations must be able to deliver several tons of hydrogen per day with final tank pressures of 350 or even 700 bar.


Rail & Marine

Trains and marine application require even more energy, easily using several hundred kilograms of hydrogen per day. Hydrogen is a veritable alternative to diesel for passenger trains, shunting engines, and lighter duty freight trains. Also, barges, smaller ferries and boats can be powered by hydrogen fed Fuel Cells. When the energy demand gets too high even for liquified hydrogen, e.g. for heavy duty freight trains or big vessels, synfuels like ammonia, methanol or even diesel can be produced from green hydrogen and captured CO2 or Nitrogen.


Car & Light Commercial Vehicle

Passenger cars and light commercial vehicles are also defined as light duty vehicles (LDV). While most of the end user requirements can be fulfilled with battery electric vehicles, hydrogen range extenders or full hydrogen driven vehicles come into play for high demands from long range and long endurance applications. For the latter, NEA GROUP was involved in the development of a FC-range extender which gives a BEV light commercial vehicle significantly more range and autonomy, allowing a more efficient use over longer operating times. Additionally, NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP has supplied more than a hundred compressor systems for hydrogen refueling stations (HRS) and now has added full HRS solutions both for 350 and 700 bar to its portfolio.

Aviation & Space

What is applicable for Rail & Marine also fits the aviation and space sector. Hydrogen has been used as a rocket propellant for more than 50 years. Hydrogen fuel cells are used in smaller planes and drones already whereas long distance flights, at least for the foreseeable future, can be converted to using synthetic fuels made from green energy, be it biomass or H2 based products.