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Industry Sectors 


Energy is more than only electrical current or the power of the sun. The energy sector comprises all commercial enterprises involved in the provision of energy. They supply energy sources like gas, liquid fuels, electrical energy or solid fuels to households and enterprises. With NEUMAN & ESSER the term ‚energy‘ comprises the fields of energy recovery, energy storage and energy transmission. The business field ‚process‘ deals with the mechanical process engineering for  the industry.  Adjacent fields are oil and gas, petrochemical industry, offshore and refineries.

Carriers of the energy industry are mainly the energy supply companies. They provide electrical energy or heat or supply natural gas to consumers.  However, the total final energy consumption implies also traffic-related use of energy.

Beside road traffic – that henceforth will focus on hydrogen and exciting approaches like Power-2-Gas – cost pressure, environmental requirements and regulations call for changes in ship traffic. By the way: nowadays so-called liquefied natural gas, short LNG, is more and more used for heavy traffic. Combined with biomethane it helps to make fuels like heavy oil superfluous.

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