Energy Transition with NEUMAN & ESSER


NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP (NEA GROUP) has been serving processes in refineries, petrochemical and chemical industries for almost 100 years with API 618 compliant compressor units for the compression of process gases, especially H2 and H2 mixed gases. The GROUP has also been among the first partners of customers in the energy sector since biomethane was required for renewable energy generation and trichlorosilane for the production of polysilicon wafers. With the expansion of its portfolio, NEA GROUP supports the current transformation of the fossil fuel based oil & gas sector to a sustainable hydrogen economy with green hydrogen. The goal is to position NEA GROUP as a solution provider with upstream and downstream processes along the H2 value chain through continuous investments. In order to position itself broadly here, the following operating companies and participations were created in 2020 under the umbrella of the NEA ENERGY division.


With the establishment of NEA GREEN, the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP founded a company with a clear focus on products and services for the upcoming Hydrogen (H2) and Green Gases markets. Overall, the company’s target is to help customers with the decarbonization of their energy or industrial systems, and on decentralized applications. An important part in the product portfolio concentrates on a smart, safe and efficient generation and usage of H2.

In H2 production and usage, many components must be optimally co-planned and designed based on an overall view. This goes for, e.g., Hydrogen Rufueling Stations (HRS) or for the storage, transport and refinement of Green Gases into sustainable fuels. It must be ensured that such future technologies not only function reliably, but also that their costs remain manageable and predictable. It is therefore important to accompany customers throughout all stages of a project. With an integrated solution portfolio, NEA GREEN offers support throughout the entire project lifecycle: From conceptual design and consulting, through planning, to the construction and operation of e.g., H2 generation plants, HRS or biogas plants and the subsequent marketing of the produced gases. The customer benefits from NEA’s competencies along the entire value chain and gets its H2 or green gas application out of one hand.


  • Integrated solution out of one hand, from (1) initial definition of the solution concept & overall optimized components check through the (2) construction and operation of the optimally designed plant to the (3) commercial brokerage and handling of the produced gas.
  • NEA GREEN combines >100 years of experience in H2 compression and machine construction history with >20 years of experience in H2 generation via electrolyzers
  • System design based on overall optimum instead of component-wise (local) optimum due to deep expertise in all relevant system modules
  • High end electrolyzer with efficiency (+ thus cost) advantages plus ultra-high purity in produced H2 quality


AE Driven Solutions (AEDS) is a start-up founded together with Prof. Achim Kampker and based in the AVANTIS development park in Aachen, Germany, in which NEA GROUP holds a 50% stake. The team has decades of experience and profound know-how in the fields of vehicle construction and supply, compressor technology as well as mobility and logistics. The aim of AEDS is to develop sustainable mobility and logistics concepts based on hydrogen as an energy carrier. To this end, the start-up contributes its expertise in the areas of H2 infrastructure development, fuel cell system development and strategic consulting. AEDS' customers are therefore energy suppliers, logistics companies, fleet operators, service stations, cities and municipalities, as well as transport operators who are interested, among other things, in integrating fuel cell technology into their municipal fleets.


As a leading service provider and independent consultant, ARCANUM Energy Systems offers energy utilities, farmers and municipalities individual business models and solutions in the field of renewable energy such as biogas, biomethane and power-to-X, especially hydrogen. The repertoire of the company, based in Holzwickede, includes site search and technology consulting. In addition, ARCANUM takes over the approval, implementation, commissioning and the entire service of plants for the production of biomethane to feed into the gas grid or to feed the generated electricity into the grid. The company also manages biogas pools, an association of municipal utilities and operators of biogas plants to utilize biomethane in an environmentally friendly manner in combined heat and power plants for the production of electricity and heat.

HYTRON Energy & Gas

HYTRON Energy & Gas, a company based in Sumaré, São Paulo, was founded in 2003 as a spin-off from the University of Campinas and has since developed into a leading solution provider in the fields of engineering and system integration for PEM and alkaline electrolysers as well as natural gas and ethanol reformers. In addition to its broad expertise in the entire spectrum of renewable energy, the company is particularly distinguished by its extensive references in electrolysis plants. HYTRON is an important building block of the NEA GROUP to offer its customers an optimized hydrogen infrastructure from generation, compression, filling or injection to the end user from one source.




NEA GROUP has invested in California-based start-up INFINIUM, a provider of e-fuels manufacturing equipment based in Sacramento. The Infinium Electrofuels™ process converts renewable energy into green hydrogen and also uses CO2 as a waste product to produce carbon-free fuels. These fuels can be used directly in today's aircraft, marine and truck fleets without infrastructure modifications. This makes Infinium Electrofuels™ a net-zero carbon alternative to existing liquid fuels and contributes to the decarbonization of the transportation sector.