HOFER Diaphragm Compressors

HOFER’s product range incorporates robust diaphragm and reciprocating compressors with hydraulic drive as well as long-life valves and pipeline elements. They are used worldwide where gases or gas mixtures are handled and compressed safely under high pressure.

HOFER diaphragm compressors compress gases and gas mixtures technically attrition-free without applying lubricants.
As they work leak-free outwardly, they are especially suitable for highly superfine applications and for use with explosive, toxic and expensive gases. HOFER diaphragm compressors compress, for example, hydrogen, helium, argon, ethylene, fluorine, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, monosilane or nitrogen trifluoride. Typically, HOFER diaphragm compressors are used, for example, for filling storage containers, feeding into continuous processes or as gas loop compressors.
HOFER compressors are marked by their construction details, which make the machines particularly safe, reliable and service-friendly.

Brochure "Mobility with Hydrogen Filling Stations"

  • Oil-free compression via hermetic separation between the gas and oil compartments
  • Attrition-free compression due to static seals in the gas compartment
  • Leak-free
  • Flushing and sealing gas not required
  • Long working life thanks to hydraulically moved diaphragm, no mechanical steering
  • Ultimate pressure up to 3,000 bar

Diaphragm and reciprocating compressors, fittings and piping systems

For almost 100 years, the family business in Mülheim an der Ruhr has been producing innovative compressor solutions, from single components to compressor systems. In 1920 Andreas Hofer founded a "workshop for precision mechanics and small mechanical engineering". The fabrication includes i.a. Contact devices, compressors and valves.  

The NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP and Andreas Hofer Hochdrucktechnik GmbH have been cooperating successfully since 1995 as part of a sales cooperation. Both family businesses are technology leaders in their markets. HOFER has been part of the successful NEA GROUP since 2015.


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