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Compressor Systems 

Construction sizes, construction type and performance range


NEUMAN & ESSER offers the best compressor solution for all customer requirements. The NEA compressor portfolio incorporates various construction forms: the horizontal boxer design, the vertical reciprocating compressor and the V version of the reciprocating compressor. The diaphragm compressors from HOFER complement the program. More than 8 different crankcase sizes in accordance with Standard API 618 as well as many other crankcase sizes according to the NEA Standard are available to the customers.

The gas-tight design of some construction sizes denotes a further special feature, guaranteeing emission and leak-free compression. The NEA compressors’ performance range includes end pressures of up to 1,000 bar, transport capacities up to 100,000 Nm³/h and a maximum actuating power of 30,000 kW. Additions to the performance range are achieved using compressor combinations, that is to say combining different compressor construction types.

Oil-free, non-lubricated compressors

In particular, the food chemistry sector and the chemical industry demand highly pure, oil-free gases. NEA developed the so-called dry runners many decades ago for this challenging task. Here, neither oil nor lubricants come in to contact with the gas, which keeps the gas absolutely oil-free. This saves the customer downstream cleaning procedures of the gas, are both complex and expensive.

Lubricated compressors

In applications with high discharge pressure, considerable compression temperatures occur. For special demands on service life, oil-lubricated compressors are the right choice. NEUMAN & ESSER applies oil-lubricated compressors in these fields to optimize sealing behavior and thus to significantly increase service life.

Emission-free crankcases

NEUMAN & ESSER is environmentally aware. NEA has therefore developed an emission-free crankcase for leak-free compression. By this means, no harmful, polluting gas is emitted to the atmosphere. Likewise, high-grade and expensive gases cannot escape, which saves the customer immense costs.


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