Compressor Systems 

The Idea, Innovation and Excellent Experience

NEUMAN & ESSER’s wealth of experience and high competence in equipment construction is a central benefit for the customers. They preserve their own resources, are provided with additional security and gain breathing space, for example for process technology and their own further core tasks.

The NEA compressors made in Germany provide the stable and durable centerpiece of each and every compressor system worldwide manufactured by NEUMAN & ESSER. Most customers order a complete, individually configured compressor system from NEUMAN & ESSER, often including installation and commissioning services.

However, the scope of delivery is not limited to the compressor system and the compressor. NEUMAN & ESSER is a reliable partner, who also provides the building or trailer for the mobile compressor systems in accordance with the project requirements in addition to the compressor system itself. Customer requests for the delivery of a “mere” piston engine without the corresponding system components are virtually non-existent nowadays.

Professional Compressor Unit System

Qualified employees and an innovative corporate culture enable NEUMAN & ESSER to implement the requirements and specifications on the customer’s side in efficient production systems within the shortest time. NEUMAN & ESSER plant engineering already takes all the concerns occurring throughout the compressor unit’s life cycle into account when preparing its technical design and planning the construction of its components. NEA is specialized in realizing unusual applications, meaning that, in particular, customers with complex requirements are in good hands here.

The ease of installation, the good operability and serviceability and the sustainable handling of resources belong to the NEUMAN & ESSER plant engineering principles. The great customer advantages arise: high energy efficiency and particularly low life cycle costs. Equally, the application of high safety standards, country-specific regulations and adherence to the HSE requirements go without saying in equipment construction and mechanical engineering for NEUMAN & ESSER.

Close Co-operation and Intense Exchange

NEUMAN & ESSER impresses customers with an innovative Product Life Cycle Management Concept (PLM). Here, the link between the CAD and ERP (SAP) systems is almost revolutionary. The major benefit is the homogeneous structure, which starts during the sales phase and covers all aspects of customer requirements up until commissioning and operator training. The exchange of 3D data in the common formats is equally part of this concept as is the very early availability of, for example, the coordinates of transit stations and building concept details.

The customer-specific system is developed in close collaboration with the customer. Unique within the market, the 3D depictions of the system comprise one of the core tools for collaboration with the customers. Here, NEUMAN & ESSER draws on proven templates for the auxiliary equipment such as for cold water systems, lubricating oil systems, engines, pulsation dampers or switchgear cabinets.

In addition to the design status exchange on a daily basis, the great advantage for the project is the data technology used. It transforms the huge mass of information into manageable file sizes, which can also be sent via E-mail. The customer can view these files using simple, free graphics software or discuss and optimize them live with the NEUMAN & ESSER team via TeamViewer.

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