Natural gas delsuphurization

Raw natural gas produced through wells is contaminated with various undesirable accompanying substances, such as liquid hydrocarbon compounds, water, sand or sulphur compounds, which must be removed before it can be fed into the pipeline to the consumer. In different process steps, so-called flash gases or off-gases accumulate at different points. The main component of these flash or off-gases is methane (CH4), which is accompanied by dissolved and liquid higher boiling hydrocarbons as well as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide.

The gases saturated with water and liquid hydrocarbon are cooled before the first compressor stage and the liquid components are separated in a separator. Compression then takes place in several stages, each with intercooling and condensate separation. The subsequently dry gas is fed into the desulphurization plant.

In Germany, all natural gas fields are equipped with HOFER diaphragm compressors and in the Netherlands, too, there is a HOFER machine on almost every natural gas field.

Medium: Sauergas
Discharge Pressure: 40 – 80 bar
Power: 45 – 110 kW
MKZ 860-2/450-10
MKZ 860-2/860-2/500-10
MKZ 980-2/560-10


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