Oxygen burnout tests


Components for oxygen systems, e.g. fittings, must be submitted to a type test for burnout safety. For this purpose, the components to be tested are submitted to a temperature increase resulting from an oxygen pressure surge caused by adiabatic compression. Even a reduction of the oxygen concentration of 20 % compared to the earth's atmosphere results in a lowering of the ignition energy for a combustion reaction. Adiabatic compression is an abrupt temperature increase of several 100°C as a result of the pressure surge. The thermal energy during the pressure change that occurs cannot be released to the environment fast enough. Unsuitable components fail under the test conditions and burn or melt under the high oxygen partial pressure. 

HOFER designed and delivered a 2-stage diaphragm compressor for a discharge pressure of 750 bar for a test facility south of Berlin built in 2008 by the Federal Institute for Materials Testing. Medium is pure oxygen. As the associated equipment such as fittings, pipelines, pulsation dampers and measuring instruments were not available for this application, considerable new developments in close co-operation with BAM were necessary. Of course, neither the components nor the compressor could be submitted to burn-out tests. 

The new test facility is the replacement for a test facility of max. 400 bar which was commissioned in 1989. HOFER also supplied the compressors and fittings for this plant. 

Medium: Oxygen (O2)
Discharge pressure: 400 – 800 bar
Power: 36 – 75 kW
Type: 1-3-stage compressors


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