Production of synthetic oils and fats


For extreme applications, so-called perfluoropolyethers (PFPE) are required. These are oils and fats with fully synthetic molecules. These molecules contain only the elements fluorine/chlorine, carbon and oxygen. Since the atomic bond between fluorine and carbon is one of the most stable compounds in chemistry, these oils and greases are considered non-flammable and can also be used as lubricants in oxygen applications with high O2 partial pressure. The PFPE can be used at both high and very low temperatures. 


Medium: Tetrachloroethylene (C2F4), Fluorine (F2), fluorinated gases
Discharge pressure: 12 – 25 bar max.
Power: 5 – 27 kW
MKZ 800-2/560-2
MKZ 315-2/255-2
MKZ 350-2


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