Polyethylene production


Polyethylene is the most widely used plastic worldwide. Polyethylene is produced from high-purity ethylene by the high-pressure process using traces of oxygen or peroxides at pressures of 1,500 to 3,800 bar and temperatures of 100 to 200°C in stirred autoclaves or tubular reactors. While special high-pressure compressors are used to transport ethylene to operating pressure in production plants, smaller compressors are demanded in research. For research purposes, gaseous or liquid substances are mixed into the gas flow the smaller compressors. The target is to improve the response and quality of the final product. 

Medium: Ethylene, partly with monomers
Discharge pressure: 1.000 – 2.500 bar
Power: 5 – 25 kW
MKZ 100-150
MKZ 85-300
MKZ 102-25/80-100
1000 MKU 004


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