Fatty Alcohol


Surfactants are needed in a wide range of areas such as detergents/soaps, plastics production, pharmacy/cosmetics or biochemistry. In addition to natural surfactants, synthetic surfactants are produced from petrochemical base materials. 

The synthetic surfactant processes require hydrogen compressors in the pressure range up to about 300 bar. HOFER two-stage diaphragm compressors are used for the supply of fresh hydrogen (H2). The hydrogen is provided by cold gasifiers or from gas storage facilities. Part of the hydrogen must be recycled in the process. This cycle gas is removed from the process and returned to the process after treatment or cleaning. Both the high suction pressure and the loading of the gas with (sticky) components from the process pose great challenges for the compressor. The pressure difference between suction and discharge pressure is only about 10 to 20 bar at a discharge pressure of typically 280 bar. 

Medium: Hydrogen (H2)
Discharge pressure: 150 – 300 bar
Power: 40 – 160 kW


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