Sugar industry


The production of the sugar substitute Isomalt (sweetener) is a two-stage process. Palatinose is obtained from sucrose via enzymes. Palatinose is then produced using nickel catalysts in a hydrogenation process to isomalt, a white crystalline substance. 

Hydrogenation requires hydrogen (H2) of an appropriate purity. As in any hydrogenation process, fresh hydrogen must be continuously added to replace the hydrogen consumed by the chemical reaction. Since the reaction only takes place when there is a significant excess of hydrogen, the larger quantity of hydrogen is removed from the process via closed-loop gas compressors and returned after purification. Despite this cleaning, the circulating gas still contains sticky components. This poses a particular challenge for the design of the cycle gas compressors. 

Medium: Hydrogen (H2)
Discharge pressure: 170 – 220 bar
Power: 90 – 160 kW
MKZ 560-10/350-25
MKZ 710-10/450-25
MKZ 450-25


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