Expanded tobacco production


In the cigarette industry, it is common practice to expand the tobacco to increase its filling capacity and volume. In this process, the tobacco is impregnated with the volatile medium nitrogen and then heated to expel the medium. The resulting increase in volume of the medium causes the tobacco to expand. 


In high-pressure autoclaves, the finely cut tobacco is charged (impregnated) with nitrogen at around 800 bar and then suddenly released again. The rapid relaxation process ensures extreme cooling of the tobacco and prevents the nitrogen from soaking into the tobacco fibres. In the following process the nitrogen is expelled by means of steam. This heat treatment causes a sudden expansion of the nitrogen and thus an increase in the volume of tobacco. 

Medium: Nitrogen (N2)
Discharge pressure: 600 - 800 bar
Power: 55 – 110 kW
MKZ 400-50/315-100
MKZ 400-50/315-100
MKZ 120-50
MKZ 300-70/300-70


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