NEA Assumes Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility has always been an important concern at NEUMAN & ESSER. Its primary focus is charitable and educative projects within the local surroundings. In this way, NEA wishes to arouse young people’s enthusiasm for technology, for example via cooperation with schools or targeted fostering of girls and boys in Übach-Palenberg, Germany.

Training and Fostering Young People

NEA takes on apprentices far beyond its own requirements at all its German locations, also in economically underdeveloped regions. Here, not only the classical professions can be chosen by the more than 90 young people. Together with the European University of Applied Sciences in Brühl, the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen and the University Zittau/Görlitz, NEA also offers dual training programs.

Commitment Across Generations

Oscar Peters already devoted himself to helping the Red Cross a good 120 years ago. He was elected to the Board oft he Luisenhospital Protestant Hospital Association at the end of World War 1. His grandson Klaus Peters joined the Supervisory Board in 2002. Just as his daughter Stefanie now, Klaus Peters expended efforts for the regional economy within the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, IHK Aachen. Alexander Peters is involved in the Board of the Association of German Machinery and Equipment Constructors. He has already supported the interests of the sector as the Chairman of the Association since 2011.

The NEUMAN & ESSER Peters Family Foundation

On the occasion of the company’s 175th anniversary, the Peters Family decided to found their own foundation in 2005: the NEUMAN & ESSER Peters Family Foundation. It promotes science and research, cultural and historic preservation as well as local heritage, in particular in the industrial region of Aachen. The NEUMAN & ESSER Foundation supports the maintenance and preservation of structural and technical facilities, awards scientific grants as well as contributions to museums and public collections.

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The NEA Group also assumes responsibility at further locations:

  • The company supports a “help to help themselves” initiative in Brazil. The initiative Fundação Pavel in Barão de Grajaú, which currently supports 19 individual projects, has supported the poorest of the poor since 2002, so that one day these people will be able to take control of their own lives.
  • NEUMAN & ESSER USA, Inc. supports the Children’s Art Project at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. The objective of this non-profit initiative is to make the life of children with cancer better.
  • NEUMAN & ESSER South-East Asia Ltd. in Thailand finances lunch for the children at the Wat Nai Rai School, a school for poor children located before the gates of Rayong at the NEA SEA location. Furthermore, the location supports the Chaipattana Foundation, which helps the victims of the severe floods in 2011. Commitment to the health system is a global concern for NEA. Therefore, NEA SEA donated for the renovation of the Ban Phe Community Hospital in the small harbor town, some 20 km (~14.5 mi) east of Rayong.