Sustainability as a Corporate Value

Sustainability has always been one of the core elements of the NEUMAN & ESSER culture. In this way, it was possible to be successful as a family business for more than 190 years. In the future, we want to enhance long-term economic success with our established social and environmental responsibility. With the sustainability strategy for our family business, we create a new structure to this core element of our NEA culture. We consider to combine the environmental, the social as well as the economic dimension of sustainability a balanced way of everyday business processes while persuing continuous optimization.



The environment and natural resources are the focus of our efforts to preserve our planet. The careful use of limited resources is a cross-generational task that we take very seriously. All over the world, our employees respect and comply with applicable laws and regulations. It is also the goal of the NEA GROUP to preserving resources, to consciously handle water, energy and exhaustible raw materials and to develop solutions in the sense of the Circular Economy in order not to consume more resources in the long term than can grow back or regenerate. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions are to be continuously reduced to minimize global warming caused by anthropogenic climate change.


We want to pass on a healthy and long-term profitable family business to the next generation and thus secure meaningful jobs at our sites worldwide in the long term. In order to be able to exist as a sustainable company, NEA GROUP must generate profits that make it possible to invest in modern business models and technologies as well as new employees. The economic corporate goals of the NEA GROUP are furthermore in harmony with environmental and social aspects such as fair trade, high quality of life and environmental protection.


Respect for human dignity and the free development of the personality are inviolable. Social sustainability includes fair dealings with one another - within the company, but also with our partners, suppliers and service providers. Essential components of Social Sustainability are fair payment, the implementation of employee interests as well as the opportunity for training, further education and professional development. NEA GROUP always acts in the social interest and hence towards the common good.

»Our goal is to offer customers high-quality and comprehensive solutions, to be profitable in the long term and to ensure the continued existence of our family business for future generations, while acting in an ecologically sustainable manner.«

Stefanie and Alexander Peters, Managing Partners NEA GROUP

Our strategy

Anchoring sustainability as a corporate value is the cornerstone for the transformation to a sustainable economy and society. Our mission "Customer-oriented solutions for a sustainable family business" reminds us every day to shape a future worth living for future generations and at the same time to meet the requirements of our customers as a solution provider. We have begun to intensify and bundle our efforts - to make products, processes and sites more sustainable - by establishing a comprehensive sustainability management system. According to our understanding of sustainability, we develop ambitions after our 3P concept in three strategic areas - Planet, Profit and People.


Planet - NEA TO ZERO

Our Environmental Sustainability measures are aimed at a resource-efficient and CO2-neutral future and thus at no negative environmental impact from our business processes - "NEA TO ZERO". We focus on climate protection, the protection of natural resources and the environment, as well as the advancement of a functioning Circular Economy.


We achieve long-term profitability as the foremost goal of Economic Sustainability by creating value for our customers, the environment and society - "NEA TO VALUE". We pursue this three-dimensional value creation through measures of Environmental and Social Sustainability and through economic aspects like innovation, (product) quality, reliability and transparency, all of them well proven in the NEA GROUP over decades.


Interaction of people, characterized by appreciation, openness and honesty, is the focus of Social Sustainability activities at NEUMAN & ESSER - "NEA TOGETHER". With the four target areas Occupational Safety & Health, Education & Training, Responsibility in the Supply Chain and Social Engagement, we strive for socially sustainable development and growth within the NEA GROUP and beyond.

Emissions and Energy
Natural Resources
Circular Economy & Durability
(Product-) Quality
Safety & Health Promotion
Education & Training
Responsibility in the Supply Chain
Social Engagement

Divisions for a sustainable product and service portfolio

Our broad portfolio of products and services contributes to positive developments in the fields of "Renewable Energies and Green Gases" and "Circular Economy" worldwide. With our five divisions, we bundle competencies in a targeted manner to live up to our mission of "Customer-oriented solutions for a sustainable family business".

The COMPRESSOR SOLUTIONS division develops and produces compressors and integrates them into complete systems with a view to the entire product life cycle. The robust, innovative and reliable engineering technology, the exceptional energy efficiency and durability of our product portfolio, as well as the digitally supported maintenance and services enable the sustainable use of compressor systems in a wide range of applications and fields of use. Together with our customers, we are driving innovative and sustainable applications beyond compressors, e.g.

  • Hydrogen/PtX technology (from generation via electrolysis or reformation, storage, pipeline transport, trailer filling, to end users such as hydrogen refueling stations (HRS) and industry (e.g. Green Steel))
  • Synthetic Fuels
  • Carbon Capture and Storage / Utilization (CCS/CCU)
  • Biomethane injection and recovery
  • Production of polysilicon


With the PROCESS SOLUTIONS division, NEA GROUP offers total solutions and expert knowledge in the field of mechanical process engineering. Grinding and classifying systems, combined with profound process know-how, form the basis for a sustainable product portfolio at the highest performance and quality level. Aspects such as high efficiency, innovation, durability and energy efficiency are reflected in all areas of application. This sustainability approach is reflected, thanks to a high focus on research & development, in successful applications such as:

  • Protein shifting through dry protein enrichment
  • Recycling of recovered Carbon Black (rCB) from tire pyrolysis into the production of new tires
  • Production of high-performance graphite for battery anodes
  • Filter dust recycling of powder coating

The SEALING SOLUTIONS division comprises the development and production of sealing concepts for reciprocating compressors and rotating systems, as well as semi-finished products based on high-performance plastics. Through patented designs, individual solutions and customized materials, the use of the comprehensive product portfolio in numerous applications leads to an extended service life as well as a reduction in emissions, leakage, friction and wear. 

  • Sealing elements for reciprocating compressors (piston rod seals, intermediate seals, oil wipers, piston and guide rings, valves)
  • Shaft seals for low and high pressure applications
  • Zero-emission seals (gas-tight ring systems, mechanical seals for gas-tight engines)
  • Solutions for online monitoring of wear parts
  • Semi-finished products made of optimized high-performance plastics (PTFE, PFA, PEEK, PEK, PPS, polyimides)
  • Recycling of PTFE sealing materials and reuse with improved material properties

We master the challenges of digital transformation through the DIGITAL SOLUTIONS division, creating the link between classic engineering and the digital future. Our solutions for digital transformation are promoters of sustainability.

  • As a one-stop store for our customers, we combine building blocks from Connected Business and Operations into a digital platform solution - aligned with a sustainable value chain.
  • What drives us is our passion for machine data, insights and integrated digital processes that support decisions and actions that have a measurable impact on energy and resource efficiency as well as the sustainable operation of plants and service, in addition to optimizing operating and investment costs.


The energy transition requires close cooperation between integrated solutions provider and customers. The ENERGY SOLUTIONS division develops and plans solutions for the entire process chain and advises on the implementation of challenging H2 and green gas projects. Thus, the clear objective is to support customers in decarbonizing their energy or industrial systems via the intelligent, safe and efficient production and use of hydrogen. 

  • Integrated solution from a single source, from the definition of the solution concept and testing of the optimized individual components to a fully integrated and also overall optimized solution, through the construction and operation of the optimally designed plant, to the commercial brokering and utilization of the gas produced
  • Combination of more than 100 years of experience in H2 compression and mechanical engineering with more than 20 years of experience in H2 production
  • Development and design of electrolyzers, steam reformers and fuel cell systems