NEUMAN & ESSER Corporate Culture


The principle for all NEA employees everywhere worldwide during the course of their daily work is:

Quality, Reliability, Flexibility and Fairness!

Despite the precisely defined responsibilities, each employee is granted sufficient breathing space to find creative solutions. This guarantees a healthy portion of motivation, unusual and exceptional ideas as well as the best possible result for customers.

Openness, Tolerance and Respect

The increasing decentralization of the NEA GROUP requires careful fostering of the international NEA culture, marked by openness, tolerance and respect vis-à-vis the opinions and achievements of other persons. This corporate philosophy ensures that all NEA customers enjoy the same experience with NEUMAN & ESSER: a reliable, specialized partner at their side whose competence, expertise and commitment contributes to the projects’ success. Each NEA employee plays her/his role in the implementation of this objective.

Basic guidelines:

  1. Sustainable, profitable performance by all NEA GROUP companies
  2. Technological and service innovation, market leadership and customer retention
  3. Intercultural competence - global business and networking the GROUP companies
  4. Mutual respect and an open dialog - human and economic perspective
  5. Work protection: responsibility for all GROUP employees
  6. Environmental protection: NEA assumes responsibility for the future
  7. We strive daily to achieve integration