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Super gastight, super savings, super compact




STASSKOL, the tech hub and manufacturer for sealing elements and material compounds, recently created the CNGS - the new gastight piston rod packing “Compressed Natural Gas Solution” for CNG compressors used at gas stations. It was developed according to a specific customer requirement and successfully tested on a single stage CNG compressor at 1,800 RPM. Although the test compressor was neither equipped with a gastight crankcase nor with a distance piece, only the slightest leakages could be detected during the intermittent operationmode. “Whilst leaks to the extent of a few standard cubic meters per hour would have been expected when using standard piston rod seals, the new packing only leaked a few liters per hour.”, as Dr. Georg Flade, Head of the Central Division of Technology, is glad to state.


The BOSS oil wiper system has also been included in the piston rod packing on the test machine; however, the test run success is largely attributed to the new construction principle for the packing. This high gas tightness is not caused by the gapped sealing ring pairs, used as a standard by STASSKOL in packings, but by highly elastic sealing lips, consisting of the special PTFE compound SK301, which was developed and manufactured at the in-house Material Center. The SK301 combines excellent tribological properties and high elasticity. Comprehensive internal tension tests ensure provision of the required elasticity. In order to work against wear, the sealing lips were developed constructively resistant to deformation.


With the CNGS, STASSKOL has placed an exceptional gastight packing on the market, which effects highly efficient compression because of minimum leakages, i.e. more standard cubic meters’ methane yield per kW of gas fed. “Our customer is impressed with the behavior of the CNGS during regular operation”, as Managing Director Thomas Borchardt is glad to report. Design-dependent, CNG compressor manufacturers can manage without having a distance piece impinged with gas flushing and nonetheless run a gastight process with an end pressure of up to 300 bar. Super gastight – super savings – super compact! That is the new CNGS. Moreover, do not forget: easy to convert for reciprocating compressors on-site.