Looking back on a year full of professional contributions

2020 was a special year in many ways. The COVID-19 pandemic led to major changes in many areas, helping to break new ground and giving digital solutions a permanent place in our everyday lives. Already at the beginning of the year, even before the pandemic had this impact, we introduced the NEUMAN & ESSER BLOG. Readers were given insights into the various NEA business units regularly.

The first year of the NEA BLOG is particularly characterized by the topic of hydrogen as an energy carrier of the future. The technical articles by NEA hydrogen experts like Prof. Dr. Klaus Hoff, Jens Wulff and Heinz Eschner covered the entire process chain around hydrogen compression. The focus was set on hydrogen refueling stations as well as transport with trailers and via pipelines, feeding into the grid and storage in salt caverns. We are particularly pleased about the guest contribution of the internationally renowned hydrogen expert Dr. Martin Robinius from FZ Jülich. The new acquisitions also found their way into the NEA BLOG with the examples of ARCANUM as well as the 50 percent shareholding Alternative Energy Driven Solutions (AEDS) and were linked with the existing competences in the areas of mobility concepts and biomethane compression. They’ll enable the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP to continuously meet the requirements of its clientele as Agile. Solution. Experts.

With a look at other NEA business units, the consistent sustainable and future orientation of the family-owned company became evident. For example, in the Process Solutions unit, where product innovations such as the NEA TiReX, which makes it possible to use powder coatings containing TiO2 without a warning label or new applications such as recovered carbon black expanding the product portfolio of the NEA GROUP. The same applies to the Sealing Solutions unit. Here the topics Smart Packing Solution and mechanical seals for biomethane compressors were explained into depth in the BLOG.


The COMPRESSOR DAY 2020 for sure had to undergo the greatest challenge. First planned for March this year as a face-to-face event, a new format was chosen with the Trilogy of three consecutive Web Sessions. During the live streams of these virtual technical event series called COMPRESSOR DAY 2020 goes virtual, the previous contributions of the NEA BLOG could be deepened. Thus, the top-class keynote speakers Dr. Frithjof Kublik from Shell Rhineland Refinery, Markus Schewitza and Yannick Bernard from Air Liquide as well as Dr. Jarig Steringa from Gasunie opened the respective Web Session with their presentations and also contributed with their expertise to the Expert Talk. Together with the NEA H2 specialists, there was a lively exchange on all hydrogen related topics, triggered by the questions of the international participants and polls on their opinions. Following each Web Session, the keynote speaker enriched the NEA BLOG with guest posts on their presentation content. 

After the successful start of the NEUMAN & ESSER BLOG, 2021 will also offer interesting technical content about all business areas of the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP and their respective technologies. Then spotlights will also be put on the other NEA units Energy Solutions, Service Solutions and Digital Solutions to give the reader a broad understanding oft he comprehensive portfolio.

Did you enjoy the first year of the BLOG?

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