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COMPRESSOR DAY 2020 goes virtual

For more than 80 years NEUMAN & ESSER has been serving processes in refineries and the petrochemical and chemical industry with API 618 compliant compressor systems. Thus, NEA has a comprehensive know-how in the compression of technical and process gases, especially H2 and H2 mixed gases. With the extension of the portfolio by the recent acquisitions of Alternative Energy Driven Solutions and ARCANUM Energy, the NEA GROUP supports the current transformation of the fossil fuel-based oil & gas sector to a sustainable hydrogen economy with green gases.

The current transformation of the energy system based on power-to-gas requires energy-efficient piston and diaphragm compressors. Reason enough for NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP to organize the COMPRESSOR DAY 2020, the specialist event from and for experts in hydrogen compression in the oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, energy and mobility sectors, before the end of this year.

Program and registration "COMPRESSOR DAY 2020 goes virtual"

»After the opening session by the hosts the keynote speakers from Shell, Air Liquide and Gasunie will talk about their personal experiences with the use of the new H2 technologies and give their assessments of the development of tomorrow's energy systems.«

Martina Frenz, Head of Corporate Communications at NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP

The symposium was originally planned to take place on March 19, 2020 with more than 200 registered international guests on the premises of NEUMAN & ESSER. With an optimistic attitude towards a live event, the COMPRESSOR DAY 2020 was postponed to October 8. As travel and event restrictions unfortunately still apply for many visitors, NEA GROUP is glad to be able to introduce a new format: a Trilogy of Web Sessions on three dates in November and December 2020.

After the opening session by the hosts the keynote speakers from Shell, Air Liquide and Gasunie - the pioneers in the energy industry - will talk about their personal experiences with the use of the new
H2-technologies and give their assessments of the development of tomorrow's energy systems.

The keynotes will be complemented by contributions of the NEA GROUP experts. For this purpose, Dr. Klaus Hoff and Jörg Strizek will pass on their profound know-how in hydrogen compression with various high pressure technologies. Especially HOFER, the daughter-company of NEA GROUP, has been revolutionizing high-pressure technology for 100 years. Initially, production was dominated by autoclaves for pressure oxidation, but today it is high-pressure piston and diaphragm compressors as well as solutions for demanding applications. Being a trendsetter in new markets is one of HOFER's maxims. Therefore, HOFER compressors are currently found in sector coupling applications with a focus on power-to-gas and mobility all over the world.

Since intensive networking is a major feature of the NEA GROUP live events, Jens Wulff will moderate an Expert Talk following the presentations. With the keynote speaker, the hosts of the NEA GROUP and the worldwide guests an intensive exchange shall be ignited to bring clarity into the “myth" compressor in the H2 Economy. Recently, together with Dr. Klaus Hoff, he had contributed to this topic with the title "The real story about hydrogen compression" on the Mission Hydrogen’s platform to more than 800 users from all over the world.

In order to achieve the widest possible reach, the format will be offered at each of the three Web Session dates in the morning and afternoon. This ensures that clients and other interested people from Europe, Asia and America can choose a comfortable time slot.

Compressor Day goes virtual

Web Session 1:

November 11, 2020

"Energy Transformation at the
Rhineland Refinery"

Dr. Frithjof Kublik, 
REFHYNE, Senior Consultant Business Development,
Shell Rheinland Raffinerie


Web Session 2:

November 24, 2020

"Global Hydrogen Refueling Stations as Part of Products and Solutions in the
H2 Value Chain"


Markus Schewitza, General Manager Engineering & Projekts, Air Liquide Deutschland, H2 Mobility,
Yannick Bernard, Director Products and Engineering Renewable Energies, Air Liquide Advanced Technologies

Web Session 3:

Dezember 8, 2020

"Hydrogen Backbone 2030 and Infrastructure Outlook 2050 in The Netherlands"


Jarig Steringa, Senior Advisor,
Gasunie Transport Services


The hosts of this event look forward to welcoming you, energized, to the three Web Sessions:
These are the Managing Partners Stefanie and Alexander Peters, and the Managing Directors
Dr. Klaus Hoff, Compressor Technology, Franz-Josef Ritzen, NEUMAN & ESSER Deutschland,
Jörg Strizek, Andreas Hofer Hochdrucktechnik, Bernd Wagner, NEAC Compressor Service
and Jens Wulff, Operations.




Stay tuned for the next blogpost on October 9.
Then Compressor Technology will be in focus again.