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Asset Performance Management


Growing competitive pressure and increasing digitalization confront many system operators with serious challenges. They have to take optimum decisions incorporating a high degree of complexity with faster and faster access to a multitude of information and linked processes.

Moreover, diametrically opposed to decreasing capacities to monitor and service them, higher requirements pertaining to the availability of critical machine systems exist. The result: operators see themselves confronted with unplanned machine failure, leading to significant costs and therefore consequentially to loss of yield. In this area of tension, enhanced approaches to service offers by OEMs are fundamental.

NEA X’ starting point is here. The digitalization experts design the technological transition of the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP and customers with intelligent solutions. From requirements analysis via implementation up to supporting operations, the company creates the connection between the classical art of engineering and the digital service future.

One focal point here is Asset Performance Management, supporting customers with a view to the best possible utilization of their machines during operations and maintenance.

For this, a detailed understanding of products and processes is vital. The advantage of NEA X: as part of the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP, it can rely on knowledge for solving solutions which only an OEM can claim in its own right, thus finding means to increase system benefits and output faster. Together with the sister companies in the new machine business, the service and customers, NEA X is able to accompany machines throughout their entire life cycle and to improve customer decisions.

The core of the use of this expertise is a needs-oriented platform according to the MADA principle: Monitoring, Analytics, Diagnosis, Action. The data gathered are monitored, analyzed and enable action recommendations almost in real time. This platform offers NEA customers tangible value-added for four application fields:

Condition Management

More than servicing. The NEA X platform offers the customer access to data and analysis options, making maintenance measures and the scope of maintenance faster and precise. Stoppages can therefore be better planned and cost-efficient. Uninterrupted status management is guaranteed together with NEAC Compressor Service, the NEA GROUP service provider for reciprocating compressors.

Process Insights

More than status management. The analysis of running systems reveals potential performance reserves at the customers’ and helps to control utilization. Thus, adapted production parameters increase their profitability.

Quality Control

More than process knowledge. Monitoring in the manufacturing process allows proactive quality and productivity control and therefore permits customers to secure standards and reduce scrap rates. With NEA Mahl- und Sichtsysteme, an early warning system is currently being established jointly with a leading customer in the field of powder coatings – not only for the mill, but for the entire manufacturing process from mixing to packaging.

Scheduling Algorithms

More than fine planning. With networking solutions in manufacturing, efficiency, flexibility and reliability are increased in the core of the value-added. NEA X optimizes the planning of complex process sequences.

The solutions from NEA X increase production safety, maximize the availability of complete systems and make maintenance measures plannable. They all serve one target: securing the customers’ profitability.