In 2003, NEUMAN & ESSER established its location in Russia. With NEUMAN & ESSER Rus OOO, a company was founded in Moscow to serve the already existing customers in the territory of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) with a machine inventory of more than 700 plants. The first years of NEUMAN & ESSER Rus OOO coincided with the era of modernization of refineries in Russia. NEUMAN & ESSER was able to play a decisive role in this development at its Russian location with suitable solutions and products. Since then, NEUMAN & ESSER Rus OOO has been working continuously to ensure that the company's name is known in Russia and associated with values such as quality, reliability, and stability. Highest standards and reputation as a reliable supplier of compressor equipment and services are results of many years of local work.

Today, customers include the most important groups in the petrochemical industry, refineries, and companies in the fuel and energy sectors of the Russian Federation. NEUMAN & ESSER Rus OOO has a flexible logistics structure as well as warehouses in Moscow and the Moscow region. Since 2016, NEUMAN & ESSER Rus OOO has been carrying out maintenance and modernization of reciprocating compressors in close cooperation with its partners. Today, the company is efficiently and dynamically positioned. In the future, the focus on other markets will be intensified. For example, the CIS countries are planning a hydrogen export volume of up to 20% of the market demand. With suitable products, NEUMAN & ESSER Rus OOO will again be a reliable partner and support the reduction of CO2 in Russia.


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