With NEUMAN & ESSER Italia S.r.l., NEUMAN & ESSER founded its first foreign subsidiary in 1992. With its technical know-how and experience in flexible order processing, the Italian NEA location offers tailor-made compressor systems and solutions. Its happy customers originate from various industries and countries, including throughout South Europe, North Africa and the Middle East in addition to Italy.

The global presence of the NEAC Service Centers in Italy is guaranteed by NEAC Compressor Service S.r.l., which was founded in 2005. For example, the service company takes over installation, commissioning and maintenance services for the NEA reciprocating compressor as well as for 10 former compressor manufacturers.

More than 30 employees work in a fully modernized office building with 1,000 square meters space. It is located in the Business Congress & Exhibitions Area, north-west of Milan and easily accessible from the international airport.

NEUMAN & ESSER Italia S.r.l.


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