History of NEUMAN & ESSER

NEUMAN & ESSER is the technology leader in the fields of compressor systems and compressor service as well as sealing elements for oscillating and rotating systems, grinding and classifying systems as well as expert for integrated solutions along the H2 value chain. Generations of employees have built-up this knowledge and work intensely on the development of the products in order to cement NEA’s position as the market leader in the technological area and to secure quality for the future.

The company group with its permanent workforce of about 1,500 employees now has holdings in Germany, the USA and China, four production locations in Germany as well as one in the USA and 27 companies for sales and plant engineering as well as service, distributed at strategic locations worldwide.




Since January 2021, NEUMAN & ESSER Investments has held a stake in Infinium as part of a consortium of investors.

In November 2020, NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP acquires HYTRON Energy & Gas (HYTRON) in Brazil.



In July 2020, NEA GROUP acquires NORWALK Compressor Copany in the USA.


April 2020: Arcanum Energy Systems GmbH & Co KG (ARCANUM), located in Unna (Holzwickede today), Germany is part of the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP since April 30.




On December 2, 2019 NEUMAN & ESSER Verwaltungs- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH acquires a 50 % stake in AE Driven Solutions GmbH (AE) from Aachen.




In 2017, NEA founded a subsidiary called NEA X, which develops software concepts for Industry 4.0.



In 2015, the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP purchased the family company Andreas Hofer Hochdrucktechnik GmbH. The companies have already collaborated successfully within the scope of a sales cooperation since 1995.

In 2013, the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP took over the company INDUTEC, a mill, primary crusher and filter manufacturer.

In 2008, the fourth generation of the Peters family, Alexander and Stefanie, followed their father’s footsteps. Klaus Peters still supports both of them today with his farsightedness and experience.

Due to the takeover of its supplier Stasskol Kolbenstangendichtungen in 2001, the family company extended its core business with tailor-made sealing elements. NEA concentrated more and more on piston compressors and grinding systems. Niche products such as container construction are removed from the production program.

In 1995, NEUMAN & ESSER was granted the patent for the impact classifier mill ICM.

In 1992, NEUMAN & ESSER founded its first subsidiaries in Italy and the USA. Little by little, further locations followed. Today, NEA owns locations in twelve countries worldwide.

NEA expanded its manufacturing capacity with its takeover of the East German Maschinenfabrik Wurzen GmbH, close to Leipzig, in 1991. With the establishment of its second production location, NEA increased its performance range.

The founding of NEUMAN & ESSER Kundendienst GmbH in 1983 and its later renaming as NEAC Compressor Service GmbH & Co. KG heralded the start for the decentralization of the company Group.

In 1977, NEA purchased the licenses for the reciprocating compressors product line from Halberg. The licenses for the compressor makes from Linde, Esslinger/ GHH, Demag, Chicago Pneumatic, KSB (Erhardt & Sehmer) and PPC (PENN Process Compressors) as well as MaFa Wurzen and HOFER followed during the next years. Furthermore, the NEA GROUP purchased the entire After-Sales Service Division of Borsig-Berlin reciprocating compressors from MAN Turbo, which were built until the end of 1995.

In 1972, the growing company, moved to new factory premises in Übach-Palenberg, 20 km (~14.5 mi) from Aachen. In the meantime, the mechanical engineering company boasted 250 employees.

The brothers Hans-Joachim and Klaus Peters assumed its management in 1965.

In 1930, Oscar Peters brought his 26-year-old son, Wolfgang Peters, into the company. Wolfgang became a Managing Partner in 1937.

In 1930/1931, NEA developed the first oil-free dry running compressors. The oil-free compressors were needed by breweries and the food industry, which was becoming stronger, as well as the chemicals industry.

The grinding systems followed suit in 1930/1931. NEUMAN & ESSER took over the licenses to construct pendulum mills, the so-called Raymond mills, in accordance with Raymond’s patent.

NEA expanded the program with piston steam engines and reciprocating compressors, vacuum and fluid pumps as well as drying systems around 1900.

Following the death of Theodor Esser in 1891, Oscar Peters took over the machine factory as its sole owner. NEUMAN & ESSER has been owned by the Peters family since then.

In 1888, NEUMAN & ESSER moved to a new and larger assembly hall in Clasenstraße, close to the Aachen western railway station.

Following the death of Johann Leonard Neuman in August 1848, Friedrich August left the company and founded his own coppersmith’s workshop. Theodor Esser continued to manage the company under its old name, NEUMAN & ESSER. NEA produced hydraulic presses, decatizing rollers, steam machines and shearing machines. Moreover, back then the repair of damaged machines was already also part of the business.

In 1841, the company also constructed Germany’s first gasometers in Cologne, in collaboration with the British Imperial Continental Gas Association. In 1845, it was known as one of the most important copper hammering facilities in the Rhine province.

1830 - When his brother-in-law, Theodor Esser, and his younger brother, Friedrich August Neuman, joined the company, the company turned to the field of mechanical engineering. As of 1829, it was registered as J. L. Neuman & Cie. Maschinenfabrik and from 1830 as NEUMAN & ESSER Aachen (NEA).

1821 - The roots of the company go back to the period of the industrial revolution.

The 25-year-old Johann Leonard Neuman moved from Eupen to Aachen and founded a coppersmith’s workshop in 1821.